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The SoetKaroo Wine Estate consists of just one hectare of land, a 'village farm' in the heart of Prince Albert. And this is where husband and wife team, Herman and Susan Perold, live and make dessert wine from their own grapes. It is in fact the first SAWIS registered wine estate in the Great Karoo, i.e. a unit where the wine is grown, made and bottled.

And no, it is not the smallest in South Africa! Visitors are welcome to visit the vineyard and cellar and to taste the wine. The SoetKaroo wines are only sold from the cellar.

SoetKaroo Vineyards
Herman Perold
The Vineyard

Soil analyses confirmed that the soil was suitable for vine production and required no supplements. The Karoo summers are extremely hot and dry, not an ideal climate for diseases and pests - no snails, minimal fungal diseases and weeds are removed by hand. Four cultivars suited to the terroir were selected and in the year 2000, Herman planted Red Muscat d'Alexandrie (Red Hanepoot), Red Muscat de Frontignan (Red Muscadel), Petit Verdot, and Touriga Nacional. Herman is a perfectionist and an exceptionally hands-on vigneron. His efforts are rewarded by the quality of the grapes.

The Cellar

Susan converted their outbuilding into a cellar and here she redefines the concept 'hand crafted'. The operation is comparable to the test laboratory of a big cellar everything required for making quality wine but on small scale. The stainless steel equipment all come from Italy where there is a huge demand from the many Garagiste winemakers who traditionally produce small quantities of their own wine, often literally in the garage. The small scale makes it possible to lavish extreme attention to quality control and attention to detail, from the picking of the fruit through to the bottling and final packaging and presentation.

Soetkaroo Cellar
Soetkaroo Wine
The Wine

SoetKaroo specialises in fortified dessert wines, a category of wine suited to the terroir and culturally very traditional in this area. Each cultivar is first made as a completed wine, allowed time to develop its varietal character before the decision is made whether to bottle as a 100% cultivar or to use in a blend.

The rare Red Hanepoot (Red Muscat d'Alexandrie) is the flagship wine and presents 50% of the annual production. It has all the flavours of SA’s beloved yellow Hanepoot grape, but has a delicate rosy pink colour. Some vintages of the Touriga Nacional and Petit Verdot are presented as individual varietals, in other years, e.g. 2011, they are blended to produce a very unusual, possibly unique wine. The demand for these outstrip availability and a customers book their annual quota in advance.

For the collector there is a very small edition of SoetKaroo Reserve, a beautiful French carafe with prime Red Muscat d’Alexandrie enhanced with splashes of the other cultivars.

International Michelangelo Awards

The 2012 season was characterized by a long cool spring and early summer, very hot weather in January and a relatively mild February with no rain. Despite some uneven ripening of the grapes, the harvest went well.

This year the Touriga nacional was harvested at higher sugar levels than previous years and may in fact develop into our first Cape Ruby, i.e. wine made in the Portugese Port style.

It is a wonderful feeling when all the wines are safely sealed in their tanks or barrels. From then on Time is the great winemaker, allowing the flavours to develop and intensify until the wines are ready for bottling.

The Perolds
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